3 Best Android Music Players for A Rich and Soothing Musical Experience

by Dustin Kuhn on / Blog

Most Android smartphones of these days come with a default music player to play your audio files. Usually it is the Google Play Music that come preinstalled on the devices. It does the job of playing music well but lacks many features like equalizer settings, rock, pop and other musical settings. In other words it is too primitive to provide you a rich musical experience. This is why we have prepared this guide to the 3 best Android music players to give you a soothing experience.

3 Best Android Music Players: Our Picks

The best way to select the best Android music player is to try out as many players as you can by downloading them from the Google Playstore/ Most of the music players are free to use so you do not need to worry about money. But here, we have done the job easier for you by listing the top four apps that we found the best of all. Scroll below and check out the 3 best Android Music Players for your device.

  • Black Music Player: The Black Music Player provides a very colorful user interface to its users which is easy to navigate. Once you open the player, you will see a bunch of album arts with big black texts on them. Clicking on one of the albums would open the track list with all the details of the songs on it. It also provides features like gapless play, pause on phone calls and Bluetooth detection. It is one of the best music players for Android.
  • Pulsar Music Player: The Pulsar Music Player is also another great music player that you may use.  This player has an user interface similar to the Google Play Music but provides many additional features like equalizer adjustments and folder view options. Along with it also features the Last.fm scrobbling feature which allows you to listen to the songs directly. Apart from all these it also provides a number of colorful themes for you to choose from.
  • Pi Music Player: This is a feature rich music player that has been rated highly on the Google Appstore. It also provides some great themes for you to select. This player also provides the ringtone cutting feature. So if you need to make a ringtone out of a particular song, this app is going to do the job for you.

Wrap Up

After going through this guide about the 3 best Android music players, we are certain that you would be able to make your choice without hesitation. In case of queries, you may use the comment section provided below.

Dustin Kuhn