Best floor Jacks buying guide 2018

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A floor jack is also known as the car jack. It is a mechanical device that is designed to help the user lift heavy loads. In this case, the device helps to lift the car. Car jacks/floor jacks often work on different principle and so they are of different types according to the mechanism. Here are the types of floor jack and the factors to be considered before purchasing a floor jack

Types of floor jacks

  1. Hydraulic floor jack – works on basic hydraulic principle, consist of a hydraulic cylinder that raises and lowers the lever arm.
  2. Piston jack – works on same hydraulic principle, but, consist of a concentric cylinder that raises and lowers when hydraulic pressure is applied.
  3. Scissor jack – these jacks work on screws, the user has to rotate the lever to lift raise the jack.

Factors to consider while purchasing floor jacks

  • Consider the size of the car you will be using the floor jack on – different models of car have different size and different ground clearance. For cars that belong to SUV, sedan, vans, and coupes class hydraulic jacks are best useful whereas for lifted trucks and high cars bottle/piston jacks are the best. Apart from these two, if you are looking for a cheap, lightweight, and compact jack scissor jacks are the best.
  • Consider the weight of the same car – each floor jack has a maximum weight lifting capacity. Almost every car has different weights. So, it is important that you consider the weight of the car on which the floor jacks will be used on and then purchase the suitable floor jack.
  • Consider the build quality of the jack – there are numerous models of floor jacks available on the market right now. Most of them from a different manufacturer and different build material. As you know each and every floor jack should have strong building materials as the device has to support the immense weight. So, always be careful to purchase the products with best building material quality.

These are the main factors to consider while buying a floor jack ( . Apart from these factors, there are also factors like price, warranty etc. However, the main factors are the above-mentioned and remember to consider these factors.

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