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PlayBox: Download the app for your Windows PC!

by Dustin Kuhn on / Apps

With new technologies arriving every now and then, People tend to rely more on gadgets. Nowadays, technology has balanced the professional as well as personal worlds. And we, the strength of manpower has somewhat achieved the goals of making the world a digitalized place. For sure the process still continues leaving us with the pinch of hi-tech evolutions. In today’s generation, smartphones have become the most reliable and coolest friend for oneself. And with every smartphone, comes several smart apps. Yes, technology has that much impact! But talking about those video streaming apps, we have PlayBox app which stands to be the finest among all other apps in the field of video streaming. With high definition, PlayBox offers its long-term users to watch their favorite cartoon, TV series or even movies and videos absolutely for free of cost. The HD quality is likable to all. Along with that PlayBox, app consists of subtitles of different languages as well. However, the biggest advantage of downloading PlayBox app is that it supports the Google Chromecast; which a handful number of applications support. Now, if users are in search for the Windows PC download of this particular app, then read on to know.

Playbox for windows PC

How to download PlayBox app for your Windows Pc?

PlayBox can give an optimum enjoyment to its users. Now that you have got the option to enjoy your favorite TV show, movies or cartoons on a big screen then it definitely becomes a cherry on the cake. But before going any further users must know one thing. For all users of Windows PC, you must use an Android emulator in order to run this Android based app on your PC; because the application is not officially available for Windows. Mentioned below is a list of steps which you need to follow in order to download PlayBox for Windows PC.

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  1. STEP 1: To start the procedure, first of all, you must visit the official website of the BlueStacks and on a further note, download the setup file immediately.
  2. STEP 2: Second, after the downloading of the setup file is completed on your PC, you must open BlueStacks file. Following to this, install the BlueStacks.exe file by clicking the button ‘next.’
  3. STEP 3: Third, after you successfully install the Android emulator on your device, start to proceed to download the PlayBox apk file from the link.
  4. STEP 4: After downloading the apk file of the app PlayBox, you should go and visit the directory where the downloaded version is saved. Then right click on the apk file of PlayBox. Make sure that you are opening the file with the BlueStacks Android emulator.
  5. STEP 5: After you open the app with BlueStacks Android emulator, the procedure of PlayBox to install will get automatically started. You have to be patient and wait for few minutes for the process to get completed.
  6. STEP 6: After the installation process has been completed on the respective Windows laptop or desktop, users need to go to the app drawer of BlueStacks and there, users can find the PlayBox app. There you are, open the app and enjoy watching your favorite cartoons, videos, and even movies.

PlayBox is for sure one of the finest streaming apps. But on the contrary, it is not official. So users must be careful before downloading this kind of apps. Users can go through many virus threats, and your data can get hacked as well. Make sure your data is safe and secured; thereafter enjoy PlayBox app.


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YouTV Player Brings You The Best Options For Downloading Movies or Shows

by Dustin Kuhn on / Apps

Are you a movie lover? Are you running out of time to visit the multiplexes? There is absolutely nothing to worry about. The development of technology over the years has made it easier for you to catch the movies that you might have missed for whatever reason it might be. First came the websites which enabled the users to watch the movies online and the way things are improving every passing day, you do not even have to depend on the websites anymore.

This is because nowadays we have the apps which do the work of the websites which used to enable the viewers to stream the movies. With the arrival of the apps, the users can now not only stream but also download those and keep it stored for a later watch. And that is absolutely brilliant for someone who often runs out of time to make time to watch the movie on the screens. Not just movies, the users can also get hold of the TV series as well and that makes it even better.

We have been talking about the YouTV Player app for this is the one which has been simply unmatched. Its facilities are exclusive and not many apps from this genre provide the users with similar sort of services to the users. Hence, the YouTV Player app does enjoy a number of added advantages over the other apps which do the similar sort of job.

youtv player brings you the best downloading option

Now let’s discuss what are the benefits that YouTV Player enjoys over the other apps with a similar type of function. This one we are talking about does not charge its users with any hidden charge. And that is something which makes it popular among the users. For those who are yet to get hold of their app on their electronic gadget should keep it in mind that many apps from this genre do charge the users with some sort of hidden charges, denying to do so will prevent the user from getting full access to the app which might eventually hinder the actual purpose of downloading the app.

Taking into consideration that the above-mentioned advantage of having such an app at free of cost has done enough to make up your mind to download the YouTV Player app ahead of all others, we move on to the things that you might be availed of once you have access to the app. One of the things is certainly going to be the less complicated user interface. The users hardly find it difficult while using the YouTV Player to find out the desired content in the app. And as we talk content, it should be mentioned that the variety of the contents available will really surprise you. Almost all the latest movies and the latest episodes of the popular TV series are available, and that too ahead of all other apps.

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If that is not enough, the quality of the video will surely impress you. Most of the videos which are available on the YouTV Player app are of the highest quality – HD on most occasions. Not many apps do provide such a luxury to their users. It is very unlikely that you would be tempted to go for something else than YouTV Player. And once you have made up your mind, why waste time. Just go and get hold of the YouTV Player apk and start enjoying all the latest movies and the TV shows.

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SHAREit: Check how you can send and receive files via SHAREit app

by Dustin Kuhn on / Apps

With the revolution of smartphones, we are provided with various smart apps. While some apps are discovered to give a seamless video streaming service, another video-calling app tends to help users to connect easily with their close ones. But here we have apps like SHAREit which gives some finest services in terms of sharing important data or documents from one device to the other. In this article, we shall discuss SHAREit and various steps to download the SHAREit app for Android devices. SHAREit is basically an alternative method of wireless sharing of data which doesn’t require the internet connection while you are sharing documents. With a fast speed, it is 40 times faster than that of the Bluetooth or any cable wireless. SHAREit has a little resemblance with the Google Photos, which keeps a backup for all your data. If any photo gets deleted accidentally, then you will be provided with the backup and be able to recover it easily. But for the new members of SHAREit, here is a list of steps of using the app SHAREit by transferring and receiving files via the app. Read on to know the overall steps carefully.

how to share files by SHAREit

STEPS to send or receive files via SHAREit app

STEP 1: First and foremost, users make sure you have downloaded as well as installed SHAREit in both the devices that you are planning to transfer or receive files.

STEP 2: Second, you need to connect both the devices with similar Wi-Fi connection and then make sure of launching the SHAREit app on both the handsets/ devices.

STEP 3: Third, from the device you want to transfer file, from there click the ‘Send’ button and then after choose as many files or pictures you want to send. When you have selected the files, then you need to click on ‘OK’ button in order to send the file.

STEP 4: Fourth, on the contrary, for the device which is receiving the file, there you need to click on the ‘Receive’ button. The name of the receiving device will appear on the screen of the sending device.

STEP 5: Finally the receiver’s avatar is supposed to be clicked by the sending device. Now that you have successfully shared files via SHAREit enjoy the unlimited service of SHAREit.

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Final Words…

SHAREit gives you way faster service than Bluetooth or cable wireless. Moreover, SHAREit can be used in five devices at a time. But we recommend you to use an antivirus for your device because you might get some malware threats. So enjoy the fast sharing service and welcome to the SHAREit world.

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