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SHAREit: Check how you can send and receive files via SHAREit app

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With the revolution of smartphones, we are provided with various smart apps. While some apps are discovered to give a seamless video streaming service, another video-calling app tends to help users to connect easily with their close ones. But here we have apps like SHAREit which gives some finest services in terms of sharing important data or documents from one device to the other. In this article, we shall discuss SHAREit and various steps to download the SHAREit app for Android devices. SHAREit is basically an alternative method of wireless sharing of data which doesn’t require the internet connection while you are sharing documents. With a fast speed, it is 40 times faster than that of the Bluetooth or any cable wireless. SHAREit has a little resemblance with the Google Photos, which keeps a backup for all your data. If any photo gets deleted accidentally, then you will be provided with the backup and be able to recover it easily. But for the new members of SHAREit, here is a list of steps of using the app SHAREit by transferring and receiving files via the app. Read on to know the overall steps carefully.

how to share files by SHAREit

STEPS to send or receive files via SHAREit app

STEP 1: First and foremost, users make sure you have downloaded as well as installed SHAREit in both the devices that you are planning to transfer or receive files.

STEP 2: Second, you need to connect both the devices with similar Wi-Fi connection and then make sure of launching the SHAREit app on both the handsets/ devices.

STEP 3: Third, from the device you want to transfer file, from there click the ‘Send’ button and then after choose as many files or pictures you want to send. When you have selected the files, then you need to click on ‘OK’ button in order to send the file.

STEP 4: Fourth, on the contrary, for the device which is receiving the file, there you need to click on the ‘Receive’ button. The name of the receiving device will appear on the screen of the sending device.

STEP 5: Finally the receiver’s avatar is supposed to be clicked by the sending device. Now that you have successfully shared files via SHAREit enjoy the unlimited service of SHAREit.

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Final Words…

SHAREit gives you way faster service than Bluetooth or cable wireless. Moreover, SHAREit can be used in five devices at a time. But we recommend you to use an antivirus for your device because you might get some malware threats. So enjoy the fast sharing service and welcome to the SHAREit world. we can download shareit for pc from here.

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Vidmate for PC Downloading is Easier with NOX App player Emulator

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Vidmate is an entertainment app that is created for the Android users, keeping in mind the taste and demands of the Indian audience. This app provides LATEST movies, videos, songs, television series, etc. which you can stream directly anytime and anywhere. This app is free, and thus there is no amount need to pay for getting all of these. On the contrary, the user will get HD picture resolutions that will soothe the eyes perfectly. There is hardly any reason to not download the app. So go for Vidmate for PC and get the process of downloading here.

Vidmate for Windows

Download Vidmate for PC

How to Download Vidmate for PC

Downloading any app on your devices are quite easy now and Vidmate being no exception here. Here is the simple way to download Vidmate for PC for you, all interested users. But while we are trying to get one Android app on PC the process of downloading will be a bit different. Here we go with it!

  1. First, you must download the NOX App player from the official website. It will work as an Android emulator and will keep the functions of the app perfect, though playing on a different kind of devices.
  2. Then download the APK file of Vidmate from the internet.
  3. After the installation, open the NOX player. Here you can find ADD APK in the right-hand side corner toolbox.
  4. Now select ‘Don’t show again’ and click on ‘I know.’
  5. After that, you have to choose the APK from the downloaded location as on which location you have been saved it.
  6. Then NOX will automatically install the Application. Now open it.
  7. Next, you will then be asked about if you want to change your location from ‘Worldwide’ to any particular location. Initially, choose a ‘Later’ option.
  8. Finally, you can use the Vidmate app very easily, enjoy live TV, videos, movies, and songs of your choice.
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Last Words

Vidmate is the apt app for those who love to watch movies, songs, television series and videos. This complete app takes care of all type of entertainments and brings to you. It is a great benefit that Vidmate for PC is available now. So, without wasting any time just get the app and enjoy your lazy days watching your favorite movies or videos or any shows on a bigger screen of PC, using the Vidmate app.

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Get Mobdro for Kodi By Following these Simple Steps

by Dustin Kuhn on / Apps

Mobdro is a great app that provides best video streams, Movies, TV Shows, Serials, Shows, more right from the device. If you want to get all these of HD content and absolutely free of cost, then we should tell you that the process is very simple. This app was available for Chrome cast, and now it is also it is available on KODI too. So we have decided to share the process of downloading Mobdro for Kodi with you. Get it here.

Download Mobdro on Kodi

Download Mobdro on Kodi

How to Download Mobdro for Kodi

A free streaming app, here is the simple way to get Mobdro on Kodi. Just follow the given steps, and it will be done in few minutes.

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  1. First open Kodi app from your device, then select ‘System’ and look for ‘File Manager’ and click on it.
  2. Now open ‘File manager’ and click on “Add source” (Last one).
  3. Then click on the ‘None’ button.
  4. After that type the following URL correctly in the below field: and select ‘Done’.
  5. You must give a name to the source and then enter a name for the media source, type any name you want and click on the ‘OK’.
  6. Next, come back to ‘Home’ screen and go to ‘System’ and from there ‘Add-On’.
  7. Then select ‘Install’ from zip file.
  8. Select the name you have given for source.
  9. Now, Select and then wait for few seconds to get notified by Add-Ons Enabled.
  10. After that select the ‘Get Add-Ons’ and then look for ‘AH Add-on repository’, select it.
  11. Click on ‘Video Add-Ons’
  12. There you will get Mobdro and then select it and click on the Install button.
  13. Again you must wait for few minutes to ‘Add-on’ enabled notification.
  14. Finally, Mobdro is now successfully installed on KODI, and you can find Mobdro through- VIDEOS -> Add-Ons -> Mobdro

Final Words

We hope the download process has not seemed too complicated for you. Mobdro is perfect for those who love movies and television series and also watch online channels from around the world. The option of getting Mobdro on Chromecast as well as Kodi has made the options wider for the users, and the process is being too easy and comfortable, the user must not be intrigued by the other such apps. So download Mobdro for Kodi and see the change in your everyday life.

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Download MovieBox for iOS 10: The Installation Process is Here!

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These days the entertainment apps are just too perfect to suffice all type of entertainment for you. I can be movies, or television series, or cartoons or videos and songs. MovieBox app is one of those apps that perform the service of latest movies for you. Though it is an Android app but, currently it is available for iOS 10 too. But the process of downloading MovieBox for iOS 10 is a bit tricky, but not difficult. We are here providing you the downloading process of MovieBox for iOS 10. Take a look.

How to Download MovieBox for iOS 10

Here is the process to download Moviebox for iOS 10. We have shared the process without the jail breaking method. Follow the steps below.

  1. 1. First, open Safari web browser.
  2. 2. Then go to
  3. Now click on “Download Unbroken.” A pop-up window will appear to ask you to install vShare. Click on the install button and then close the Safari web browser.
  4. 3. Next, see the installation process on the Home Screen. When the installation is completed, don’t open vShare and just click on the “Cancel” button as soon as you get the first pop-up after installation.
  5. 4. After that, go to the “Settings” of your phone and then “General” and then to “Profiles.”
  6. 5. Next, here you will see the “Trusted Enterprise Developer” and click on the ‘Trust.’ If in case MovieBox shows a notification saying “Untrusted Enterprise Developer,” then just click cancel and verify the developer.
  7. 6. Then press the ‘Home’ button, to find a vShare icon on the Home Screen. Tap on it to open.
  8. 7. Now tap on the ‘Search’ and type “MovieBox” on the search bar. Here you will see the app and click on the “Download” button.
  9. 8. After that go to the Download in the left menu and then go to “Downloading” tab.
  10. 9. Next, a pop-up menu will appear with a message “Would you like to install Movie Box.”
  11. 10. Finally hit the install button to install MovieBox to your device. After the installation, you will see MovieBox version 3.7 on your iOS 10 without jailbreaking it.
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The option to get MovieBox for iOS 10 has expanded the possibility of the users to get the app and stream or download any latest movies or shows absolutely free and in HD version. So download MovieBox for iOS 10 and see the inexplicable movie experience.

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Cinema Box Apk Download: How to Install the App for Android OS?

by Dustin Kuhn on / Apps

The world offers a lot of video streaming sites these days. But how many has come up with the best features? Honestly speaking, only a handful. And that handful certainly adds up that fine app which help us get stick to our favorite TV shows and the events associated with the episodes. Truly, every entertainment show needs a special kind of attention. The commitment that it demands can easily be taken forward just by using one excellent app, and that is none other than the Cinema Box app. Here we will present you the best method for you to go for Cinema Box Apk download.

Cinema Box Apk Download: What is Cinema Box Apk?

Cinema Box is definitely compatible with Android devices. The best part of Cinema Box is that it comes absolutely free of cost. In addition, the developers have offered a very friendly interface to users so that streaming via the app becomes easier than ever. One may also note that this app comes loaded with a wide range of TV shows and other video contents as well. Now let us come to the tweak to get started with Cinema Box Apk.

Download CinemaBox apk

Download CinemaBox apk

Cinema Box Apk Download: Steps You Need to Follow

CinemaBox Apk is available for Android users, and the developers too, have designed the app for the users who use Android operating system. With much knowledge, it is no big deal for other platforms to get hold of CinemaBox app, but for Android users, it’s a seamless task to install CinemaBox. Here’s a list of steps that you are required to follow in order to download CinemaBox for Android devices.

  • STEP 1: First off, visit the setting of your phone and perform as mentioned right below.
    Settings — > Security Settings — > Unknown Sources — > Turn it on
  • STEP 2: This will initiate you to download applications that are not available in the official sources (here, the Google Play Store).
  • STEP 3: Now, get hold of one trusted source from where you can download the latest version of Cinema Box .apk. After which, open the file and tap on the “Install” button.
  • STEP 4: Upon that, confirm the installation prompt. Cinema Box now will initiate and begin to get installed to your device.
  • STEP 5: After installation is complete, turn off your smartphone or tablet and turn it on. Now start watching your favorite entertainment shows via this brilliant app, the Cinema Box Apk.
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Wrap Up

The tweak mentioned in this guide is pretty easy to go for Cinema Box Apk download. Now that you have all the detailed info to download Cinema Box for your Android devices, install the app and if you happen to come across any technical problems, then we are here to give you the best troubleshooting method.

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Cartoon HD for Windows 10: Here’s What No One Informed You

by Dustin Kuhn on / Apps

While this 21st century’s digitalized world is growing with immense technological development, there are certain infotainment apps which perform the basic needs. Infotainment apps are the ones which bring in video contents in terms of both information as well as entertainment. Sincerely, numerous users are occupied with this kind of apps. But what happens to be the best is yet under the wraps. With immense popularity of cartoon related apps, Cartoon HD for Windows 10 has effectively built in hope for us. Us, the ones who were engrossed into cartoons once in the childhood. Even today one wouldn’t find it absurd to sit back and watch the Tom and Jerry Show. For them, Cartoon HD is a standalone app. Keep reading on to know the steps to download Cartoon HD on your Windows OS.

Cartoon HD for Windows 10

Download Cartoon HD for Windows 10

Cartoon HD for Windows 10: Steps To Download The App

First off, as discussed in our previous guides, Cartoon HD app is not available in the official sources (here the Google Play Store). But there happens to be some tricks for Windows users to get into the world of cartoons (also note the brilliant TV shows and movie contents that the app provides). The one and only excellent tweak to be discussed right here is about the Android emulator. One may ask why! Of course, with all due respect on that, we shall let you know why exactly an emulator. So getting into the depth of what we have said right now, an Android emulator is basically a tweak to your Windows operating system which mimics an Android app such that it thinks to run on an Android platform. See what the steps below offer.

  • Download and install the AMIDuOS Android emulator from its official website.
  • Get hold of a trusted source and download the Cartoon HD Apk latest version file.
  • Store it somewhere.
  • Visit the .apk file and ‘right click’ on it so that you can click the ‘Apply to DuOS’ option from the dialogue box.
  • After the installation process initiates, hold your horses until you see the app icon on your homescreen. Enjoy the services now.
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Wrap Up

Thus, the closure here asks you to enjoy the service after you download Cartoon HD for Windows 10. And if you get into any technical problems, do not forget to let us know via the comment section. Make sure the Android emulator comes up to date. That’s all folks.

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Download Freedom App for Mac: Best Guide You Can Get

by Dustin Kuhn on / Apps

These days, mobile gaming plays a vital role in killing boredom. And with that, arises hi-tech games that have been offered in the mobile industry. Whether it is slashing of fruits, or racing up competing with speedy cars, this mobile gaming world is massive. Therefore, higher levels have also been offered to gamers, who are confined to playing the game and finishing every single level and gaining much gold and coins to buy specific items in the next level. But how about grabbing gold and coins without playing every single level minutely? This can only be possible if you get in touch with the Freedom app. Folks, hold your horses as we are going to narrate everything about the process to download Freedom app for Mac.

Download Freedom app for Mac

Download Freedom app for Mac

Download Freedom for Mac: How About a Step-by-Step Guide?

It is not just the mobile gaming world, which can be beneficial using the Freedom app. The thing about the Freedom app is that it offers few features which are beyond expectations. And here, we are exactly going to portray the benefits. Freedom app is basically a hacking tool by which all your mobile gaming problems are solved in a matter of seconds. Also, the Freedom app is useful to avoid those pesky ads that pop up every now and then, thereby offering nothing except for distraction of mind. In this brief tutorial, the plan here is to deliver the best guide to download Freedom app for Mac. Keep reading on and get familiar with the steps provided below.

Why an Emulator- The reason is, Freedom is an Android app, and all you need to do is to get your hands on an emulator such that the app gets mimicked and runs on your Mac device efficiently.


1# Initially download Andyroid emulator and install it on your Mac device.

2# Download Freedom apk file from the official site and buy.

3# Launch the Andyroid emulator as soon as the .apk file gets installed.

4# Visit and right click on the downloaded Freedom .apk file after which you will notice a dialogue box appearing.

5# Select ‘open with’ and go for ‘Open with Andyroid’ after which installation will proceed automatically.

6# After it gets installed you can open it with the Mac emulator.

7# Now you are ready to use the app.

Wrap Up

Thus, our guide to download Freedom app for Mac ends on a happy note. We hope it was convenient for you to know the process to download the app. In case you need to ask questions, feel free to contact us through comment section below.

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SnapTube APK Features: See What the App has to Offer!

by Dustin Kuhn on / Apps

Ever since smartphone desperately convinced us the brighter part of it, we have been offered with dedicated smart applications which work efficiently. Earlier when mobile phones weren’t launched, telephone gave us the ultimate source of communication; remember how hectic of a task it was? But then grew technology, the internet was limited; phones were of 3.5-inches display. But then with the advancement of technology, arrived applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, SnapTube APKetc. Now we are the blessed generation who are offered with such massive advanced technology; whereby our task is just not a task, it has become a fun-to-do job!

features of Snaptube

SnapTube APK: Few Beneficial Features of the App

Here we are going to narrate anything and everything about SnapTube. Mentioned blow are some delightful features that the SnapTube APK offers to its age-old customers.

1. First and foremost, SnapTube is efficient in omitting those pesky ads which irritates youa and thereby leads to destruction. So by SnapTube APK download, you will be provided with a seamless video downloading service.

2. Second, this video downloader offers free videos whereby you don’t have to spend a single penny. Alongside, SnapTube APK offers a unique user-friendly interface as well as an easy searching facility. You just have to mention the keyword in the search bar.

3. Third, the downloading app is capable enough of offering an incredible speed only if you consist of an internet connection, not only that, it also provides videos of multiple resolutions. Therefore, download it according to your preference.

4. Fourth, through SnapTube APK download, you will be allowed to search through your previous history, as SnapTube recommends users videos or songs that are based on their search history.

5. Fifth, mostly all video downloaders ask their customers to copy paste the URL link thereby selecting resolution and then the destination path. After following all these steps, then only they are eligible to get their desired videos. But with SNapTube APK, things are somewhat different. In order to download a video, you just have to click on a single button!

6. Last and the most interesting thing about is that it is capable of downloading videos via YouTube. You can even choose the MP3 format of a particular video as SnapTube APK gives you the provision to convert the videos into MP3 formats.

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 Wrap Up

SnapTube APK is widely popular among Android and Windows users. But for iOS users, there’s no possibility of the app to work on iOS devices. But we have SnapTube alternatives that play the vital role out here. So folks, if you are a newcomer in the SnapTube world get the complete benefit of the app just by going for the SnapTube APK download.

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Know How To Download Showbox For PC

by Dustin Kuhn on / Apps

There is no such rule that you can use Showbox on your smartphone only. You can watch it on the bigger screen too! You can definitely use it on your PC.  However, there is a trick to it. All you have to do is to make your PC act as an Android device. But how will you do it without some help? Our in-house technicians are here to help you out with that. This article will present to you how to download Showbox for PC. So, let us start.

Download Showbox for PC: Steps You Need To Follow

For using Showbox apk on your PC, you have to use an Android emulator. Although various Android emulators are now available in the market, we are going to focus on two of them. The Android emulators which we are using here are Remix OS and Nox App Player.

But before we begin, please note that you have at least 500MB in your internal storage and 2GB of RAM. Besides, the processor has to be of Intel Pentium 1.6GHz CPU.

steps to download Showbox for PC

Method 1 (Using Remix OS Player Android Emulator)

When you are using Remix OS Player Android emulator to download Showbox on PC, you have to go through the following steps.

Step 1: In the first step, you have to begin with downloading Remix OS for PC for the emulator’s official website. You will find that once you download and install it on your PC, the emulator will enable your computer to run a PC optimized version on your system.

Step 2: Now you have to download Showbox apk on your computer.

Step 3: Now, you have to open Remix OS Player.

Step 4: Next, go to the folder where the Showbox file has been downloaded.

Step 5: The last step involves you selecting and dragging the Showbox apk file on the Remix OS Player Android emulator’s home screen.

Method 2 (Using Nox App Player Android Emulator)

When you are using Nox App Player Android emulator to download Showbox on PC, you have to go through the following steps.

Step 1: Similar to the Remix OS Player, start with downloading Nox App Player Android emulator. What this does is it allows your computer to run an optimized version on your PC.

Step 2: Install the Nox App Player on your Windows-enabled PC.

Step 3: Download Showbox APK in your computer.

Step 4: Open Nox App Player Android emulator. In the toolbox that is located on the right-hand side, there will be an option for ‘Add APK.’ Click it.

Step 5: This will open up a new page where you will get to see an ‘I Know’ button. Click it. It will bring you to the folder where you can add Showbox that you have just now downloaded.

With now everything in place, you can now have access to all the videos that you were looking for and enjoy them on the bigger screen.

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Wrap Up

Try out these methods to download Showbox for PC and let us know whether they were of any help or not. We would love to hear from you. We value your opinion.




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PlayBox: Download the app for your Windows PC!

by Dustin Kuhn on / Apps

With new technologies arriving every now and then, People tend to rely more on gadgets. Nowadays, technology has balanced the professional as well as personal worlds. And we, the strength of manpower has somewhat achieved the goals of making the world a digitalized place. For sure the process still continues leaving us with the pinch of hi-tech evolutions. In today’s generation, smartphones have become the most reliable and coolest friend for oneself. And with every smartphone, comes several smart apps. Yes, technology has that much impact! But talking about those video streaming apps, we have PlayBox app which stands to be the finest among all other apps in the field of video streaming. With high definition, PlayBox offers its long-term users to watch their favorite cartoon, TV series or even movies and videos absolutely for free of cost. The HD quality is likable to all. Along with that PlayBox, app consists of subtitles of different languages as well. However, the biggest advantage of downloading PlayBox app is that it supports the Google Chromecast; which a handful number of applications support. Now, if users are in search for the Windows PC download of this particular app, then read on to know.

Playbox for windows PC

How to download PlayBox app for your Windows Pc?

PlayBox can give an optimum enjoyment to its users. Now that you have got the option to enjoy your favorite TV show, movies or cartoons on a big screen then it definitely becomes a cherry on the cake. But before going any further users must know one thing. For all users of Windows PC, you must use an Android emulator in order to run this Android based app on your PC; because the application is not officially available for Windows. Mentioned below is a list of steps which you need to follow in order to download PlayBox for Windows PC.

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  1. STEP 1: To start the procedure, first of all, you must visit the official website of the BlueStacks and on a further note, download the setup file immediately.
  2. STEP 2: Second, after the downloading of the setup file is completed on your PC, you must open BlueStacks file. Following to this, install the BlueStacks.exe file by clicking the button ‘next.’
  3. STEP 3: Third, after you successfully install the Android emulator on your device, start to proceed to download the PlayBox apk file from the link.
  4. STEP 4: After downloading the apk file of the app PlayBox, you should go and visit the directory where the downloaded version is saved. Then right click on the apk file of PlayBox. Make sure that you are opening the file with the BlueStacks Android emulator.
  5. STEP 5: After you open the app with BlueStacks Android emulator, the procedure of PlayBox to install will get automatically started. You have to be patient and wait for few minutes for the process to get completed.
  6. STEP 6: After the installation process has been completed on the respective Windows laptop or desktop, users need to go to the app drawer of BlueStacks and there, users can find the PlayBox app. There you are, open the app and enjoy watching your favorite cartoons, videos, and even movies.

PlayBox is for sure one of the finest streaming apps. But on the contrary, it is not official. So users must be careful before downloading this kind of apps. Users can go through many virus threats, and your data can get hacked as well. Make sure your data is safe and secured; thereafter enjoy PlayBox app.


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