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Fifa 18 A wishlist of what we want to see

by Dustin Kuhn on / Gaming

While FIFA 17 is yet to leave store counters as it launched only in September last year, we have already been zeroing in on the news that the next instalment in the popular gaming franchise will feature. FIFA 17 is said to be the most popular game in the entire franchise and will be a hard act to beat. We, however, believe that the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement. A list of features we would like to see in the new game will be highly instructive at this moment. We have not ranked or arranged this wishlist in any manner of preference. Fifa 18 Wishlist is important at this point.

1. Bring better diversity in the commentary to the new game. The preceding game featured expert commentary from the likes of Martin Tyler, Alan Smith, Alan McInally, who provides all in-game score updates, Geoff Shreeves, who provides injury reports and the excellent Mike West who provides detailed reports on major leagues. However, the new game will be the winner if expert commentators from various regions from all over the world will voice the game. India, for example, is hardly represented by any commentators. We expect that FIFA 18 will also improve upon this matter.

Fifa 18 Game Wishlist

2. Improved goalkeeping AI. One of the pet gripes of all FIFA fans is that the goalkeeping functions of the game are slow, inorganic and often unwieldy. The AI controlling the goalkeeping needs an upgrade very badly. Fans and players often state that the keeper jumps to the opposite end of the direction they need to go. A better AI controlling the functions will be extremely user-friendly.

3. Increased attention to women’s football. The world of women’s football is exploding with new talent, more players and more crowds attending matches. In order to tap into this latent market, EA must improve the opportunities available in the game. The latest iteration does not highlight the women’s game and is basically just hidden away. More options for the enormously popular women’s game will be much appreciated.

4. Improvements in penalty modes. The newest game has some glitches when it comes to direction finding. The better the penalty-taking feature, the better the game will be. It is very difficult to find the corner of the goal every time which becomes even truer when the game is played in multiplayer where the direction indicator is hidden for obvious reasons. 

5. Fixed graphics. We do understand that the introduction of the Frostbite engine does seem as one of the reasons the game is facing some problems Remember that the crowds and the players often seem very tacky in the existing graphics.  Some of the player’s features also look unlike their real-life counterparts. These features have to be improved. The blurry and low-resolution parts of the graphics simply need to go. Besides, the crowds also need to be fixed to make the online gaming environs seem more organic and wholesome. 

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